These are some of the pest animals you might see on and around coconut palms and feeding on coconut nuts. Click on the 'More information' links to find out more.



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R. exulans_opt

Reddish-brown rat with white underside. Close up showing a dark band on the hind foot (The Polynesian rat) (© Gerald McCormackCook Islands Natural Heritage Trust)
  Rats (kimoa - Polynesian rat). Can be mistaken for other rats.

comparison R_opt

Smaller dark coloured rat with large features (black rat) (a) compared to a larger bodied brown coloured rat (brown rat) (b) (© Crown Copyright 2009, GBNNSS)





Rats (black rat - also called ship rat). Can be mistaken for other rats.

Rattus norvegicus_opt

Brown rat with a tail no longer than its body and small ears in comparison to its large body size (© John Hitchmough, Flickr)
  Rats (brown rat - also called Norwegian rat). Can be mistaken for other rats.