Stem symptoms

These are some of the symptoms you might see on coconut stems. Click on the possible causes of the symptoms to find out more.



Possible cause

coconut phyto 3_opt

Stem left with no crown (© Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia)

Bogia coconut syndrome (BCS)

CTermite trunk damage

Net-like grooves on the trunk up to a few metres from soil level (© Gerald McCormakCook Island Biodiversity & Natural Heritage)
  Coconut termite


Discolouration on the insides of cut trunks (© Monica Elliott, USDA APHIS ITP,
  Ganoderma butt rot

rat damage on trunk_opt

Damage on a coconut palm trunk that looks like gnawing from an animal (© TNAU)

RPW holes and chewed up fibres

Holes chewed by the red palm weevil showing ejected chewed material (top) and brown liquid (bottom) (© TNAU)

Palm weevil

Additional symptoms of palm weevil include: 

  • Crunching and chewing sounds when in close range to the trunk.
  • Hollowed out palm trunk.
  • Wilted crown.
  • Death of fronds and/or leaves with straight tips rather than pointed tips.   
  • Eventual collapse of palm.

red ring nematode _opt

Distinct red ring showing when a transverse section of an infected trunk is cut (© Society of Nematologists slide collection)
  Red ring disease

tinangaja tapered trunk_opt copy

Coconut palm with a tapered trunk (© George Wall, formerly CALS/AES University of Guam)
  Tinangaja - also look for a thin and battered crown
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