Workshop programme

We have created a workshop programme on how to use the resources in this website. Please feel free to use tailor these resources for use in your own context.

This programme is intended to deliver capacity building, to facilitate the prevention and management of coconut pests and diseases in the Pacific.

The overall objective is to enable the participants in the programme to effectively use the resources and information in the website to prevent and manage the problems caused by coconut pests and diseases.

These workshop resources are part of a 'train the trainer' initiative in the Pacific.

Workshop structure

The training programme is a single standalone workshop that is intended to take place over 3-4 days. The workshop has an accompanying workbook, which includes a selection of Exercises, each with distinct objectives. Whenever possible, practical components should be incorporated into the exercises, and related to the local situation. Worksheets are provided for the various practical activities.

The workbook provided here was tailored for a specific training event in Samoa. This can be modified as needed for further training events elsewhere. The workbook acts as both a guide for facilitators and participants. Individuals can also use the workbook to guide them through self-directed learning.

In a training situation, preferably the morning should be allocated to theory exercises using laptops or computers, and the afternoons should be used for practical field exercises to re-inforce the theory components.

Workshop description

The table below shows the content covered in the workshop, and outlined in the Workbook (October 2018).



1 Introduction to pests and diseases of coconut
Recognising symptoms
Finding more information to identify pests and diseases
Key pest and disease threats to the Pacific
Prevention is key!
Practical prevention
Pest and disease control
8 Diversity and resilience
9 Community awareness

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Use outdoor activities whenever possible in the workshops. Field trips to sites with pests and diseases are useful, but even group work in an outdoor setting helps to refresh and engage participants (© Monica Gruber, Pacific Biosecurity).

Workshop resources

The workshop resources can be used for browsing and use online or printed for workshops. Workshop activities are mostly undertaken in groups.

Workbook - Word document, print A4 size, best in colour

Exercise 1 - Group Activity - Pest + disease recognition and horizon scanning - Word document, print A3 (one copy per group)

Exercise 1 - Group Activity - Pest + disease recognition + horizon scanning - Powerpoint file, print A4, colour (one copy per group)

Exercise 2 - Group Activity - observing symptoms - Powerpoint file, print A3, colour (one copy), pages are distributed among groups

Exercise 3 - Add my name and number to WhatsApp Group, Word document, print A4 (one copy)

Exercise 4 - Group Activity - finding information on pests and diseases - Word document, print A3 (one copy)

Exercise 5 - Group Activity - finding information on prevention - Word document, print A3 (one copy)

Exercise 6 - Group Activity - practical prevention of CRB - Word document, print A3 (one copy)

Exercise 7 - Group Activity - methods and barriers to pest control - Word document, print A3 (one copy per group)

Exercise 8 - Group Activity - the importance of diversity - Word document, print A3 (one copy per group)

Exercise 9 - Small Group  or Individual Activity - make your own posters - Word document, print A3 (one copy per group) -  a Powerpoint template for participants to use. Examples can be printed in colour A3 (as a poster) and A4 (as a leaflet) 

Workshop Evaluation Form

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