Biosecurity processes

The main audience for this sub-section of the toolkit are biosecurity / quarantine officers. 

The SPREP / SPC Guidelines for Invasive Species Management in the Pacific provide a framework for prevention (section C). The guidelines recommendations include:

  • Pre-export: develop and implement improved inspection, treatment, packing and transportation procedures and methods, for transport leaving countries and islands harbouring priority pests and diseases. Once specific pre-export processes have been developed for coconut pests and diseases, they will be included in this section 
  • Pre-border: implement a rigorous process of risk analysis in relation to the deliberate introduction of species and the movement of potential carrier goods between countries, and between islands within a country
  • At-border: establish and maintain effective quarantine, transport and border control systems at national borders and between islands within countries
  • Post-border: establish and maintain effective systems to detect incursions of invasive species reliably and quickly, and mount rapid responses to them.